At the plant there are: two mechanical workshops; joiner's shop; paint shop; slip lifting capacity of 140 tons, which can be repaired up to 6 vessels; concrete dock on the 8 ships with a displacement of 140 tons; floating dock 600 m .; own artificial harbor; convenient access roads: railway, broadband paved road leading to the harbor; 8 own storage facilities; car park lift trucks and warehouse equipment.

Work performed by the enterprise for repair:

  • Lifting weights do140t ships in dock, to slip. (Court of type ESS, TCP, MBP, WFD type boats).
  • Cleaning (mechanical brushes and sand blasting), coloring.
  • Repair, replacement, cutting the ship's hull.
  • Welding works.
  • Repair and replacement of guard rail, kommingsov, ladders, deck machinery (windlass, winches, bollards, vyushek etc.), drinking water tanks, cisterns poslanevyh waters.
  • Repair of propeller-rudder system vessel.
  • Repair of engines with the involvement of subcontractors.
  • Replacing wooden deck.
  • Production of dredgers.
  • Dredging.
  • Production of rollers and carrying rollers, conveyors (mechanical engineering).

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